Until you've experienced the thrills of using a suction cup dildo could you possibly know how sexually satisfying they can be. They stick to almost any smooth surface so your hands are free to do other sensuous things.

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Suction cup dildos provides the opportunity of enjoying sex without holding it in your hand. It sticks to any smooth surface and lets your fingers perform other exciting task. Many of our classic dildos are equipped with a suction cup base to provide you with hours of pure sexual pleasure. Don't forget about anal sex toys with suction cups as well as vibrators, they will please you with the added sensation of vibration. Check out the wall mounted dildos (sometimes called wallbangers). It's so easy to order online, just a few mouse clicks and it's promptly on the way in discreet packaging.

Mr. PerfectMr. Perfect
His name implies that he is the one that you have dreamed about. I've tried him, and if you enjoy cocks that measures 6.5 inches that's  insertable and 1.5" thick, you gotta have this one.
Thick Cock W/BallsThick Cock
This big boy is made from PVC, it used to be call jelly rubber, regardless it's a soft and flexible material that has a very sensuous feel. He measures overall 9 inches long and up to 2.5 inches in width. Use water base lube to maximize your pleasure and achieve explosive orgasms.
Barry Xl Suction CockBarry Xl Suction Cock
 This very large suction cup dildo measures overall 9 inches, 6.5 insertable and 2 inches thick. It's made from a soft and flexible PVC rubber that has an orgasmic feel. Use a dab of water base lubrication to maximize your pleasure. Keep all your sex toys clean.
Transsexual jesse rock hard cock and balls Flash Brown
Here's a lot of cock, if you can handle him. 11" x 3" of every detail, molded directly from  Flash Brown himself with a suction cup base.
Bonnie Rotten Big Black CockBonnie Rotten Big Black Cock
This big suction cup dildo measures overall 12.6" and 2.5" wide. He has a realistic head, balls, a firm shaft and is harness compatible. suction cup base.
Aiden Shaw Supercock DildoAiden Shaw Supercock Dildo
This suction cup will treat to an explosive orgasm time after time. It's made with a soft and flexible PVC. Overall 9.5" long (8.5 insertable) and 1.75" thick, a great satisfying size.
Lucas Vito SensaFirm CockVito Gallo SensaFirm Cock
Here's a great looking suction cup dildo that's ready to please you. He's overall 10 inches long ) 7.25 insertable) and 2.2 inches thick with set of balls and a suction cup base that can stick to most surfaces. 
The Bartender Miguel 7The Bartender Miguel
It's made from a material that feels real and even warms to the touch. The flexible shaft is firm yet flexible. The overall length is 7 inches with an insertable length of 6 inches and measures 1.56 inches wide. Add a few drops of water base lube go boy go. 
lifeforms big boy 9 inchLifeforms Big Boy
What a wonderful sensation this big fellow provides, he's a whopping 9" long and approximately 1.75 inches wide. He has a set of realistic balls and firm suction cup base. If it looks good, just think how he's gonna feel inside your vagina or anus.
lifelikes latin kingLifelike Vibe Latin King
Measuring 9" long and 1.75" wide, this bad boy is designed for the  feel and pleasure of the real thing. It has a suction cup base for hands free pleasure This dude feels so good you'll think it's real!
Lifelikes Duke 7inLifelikes Royal Duke
This big boy has a built in vibrator, he's 7" long and 1.5" thick, he'll send you into orbit with one orgasm after another. A suction cup dildo lets you enjoy a hands free sexual experience.
CarmenS Fun Cock Purple 7inCarmen's Fun Cock
He's got all the great orgasmic features it takes to make you feel really really good. With a 7 inch long shaft that's 1.5 inches wide, he's gonna fill you and provide multiple orgasms daily.
X5 Hard On Realistic Feel- 8.75X5 Hard On Realistic Feel
You can use the suction cup with many strap on harnesses. It has a great feel, compare our X5 material to the famous Cyberskin. Total length is 8.75 inches and has an insertable length of 7 inches. He'll get the job done.
Natural Feel 9Vibrating Realistic Cock
He's got that realistic feel because of the high quality U.S. made materials. It has multi speed vibrations with a hand held controller. It's 8" insertable and almost 2" wide, he's gonna fill your vagina and anus. 
Realistic Cock 8inRealistic Cock
This big boy was actually molded from an erect penis. It's detailed to capture every vein, bulge, and crease of a real cock including his balls. He's 9 inches long and 1.9 inches in diameter. Add plenty of lubrication and have a great evening.
Manuel Ferrara - Realistic DongManuel Ferrara - Realistic Dong
This unusual dildo was molded from an actual erect penis that has foreskin. It's very realistic with veins and balls. It measures 8 inches long and 2 inches wide.
Realistic Squirmy 6 inch beigeBasix 12 Inch 
You're going to enjoy the feel of this large suction cup dildo. He measures overall 12 inches overall (10 insertable) and 2.3 inches wide.
 The Vibro Realistic 8inVibro
Stick the suction cup on any smooth surface and let it stand on its own for a hands free operation. It measures 9" long and 1.9 inches wide, that's a lot of pleasure.
The Vibro Realistic 8in 9 Inch Pink Dildo
Most of us want to enjoy a tight sensation with a fairly deep probe, this big boy provides that, he's 9" long. He's hot in color and ready to provide you with orgasms.
Jelly Royale 7.25inJelly Royale 7.25in
Of course you want a suction cup dildo that feels good, that's what we all want, this model will make you think you've inserted a real erect cock, he's that good. He's 8.5" long and 1.75" wide. 
European Cock NaturalEuropean Natural Cyberskin Cock
You're gonna be surprised at how good this 7" long and 1.75" wide suction cup dildo feels. He's a realistic uncut cock with balls and full penis detail. 6 inches are insertable. Watch the informational video for this product.
Lifelikes Knight 8inThe Forearm
This dong feels so lifelike that you may never need the real thing again. Use the incredible suction cup at the base of the dong to meet your desires while leaving your hands available for other activities. He measures 13" long and 2.85" wide.
Emperor 8inEmperor 8 inch
This is a size many of us prefer, just larger than our partner, but not painfully big. He measures 8 inches long and 2 inches wide, it's made from a new type material that some say feels better than the real thing. Get on with maybe the best sex you've had.
Main Attraction DongMain Attraction Solid Dong
This realistic solid jelly cock with balls is an impressive 10 inches in length, and a hefty 2.5 inches wide. It's made from a jelly rubber that is soft on the outside, yet firm and rigid on the inside. He offers just a bit more girth. Watch the info video for this product.
Fushia Dildo with Vac-U-Lock Suction PlugDeep Dickin Derek
This suction cup dildo is a little different, but I can tell you that he's very effective. It measures 12" long and (9.5 insertable) and 2.5" wide. He's made from a flexible jelly rubber and suction cup base. 
Night Time Buddy
This fabulous life-like dildo measures 7.5 inches overall, (5.5 insertable) and 1.5 inches thick. The soft flexible feel is something to look forward to.
James Deen Realistic Cock Big Black Cock Icepick
He's made from a soft and flexible jelly rubber with a lifelike feel. He's equipped with a realistic head with with balls and measures 12 inches long and just over 2 inches in diameter.  
Intense Vibro StrokerSquirting Realistic Cock
Just wait until you feel a strong ejaculation deep inside you from this giant cock. He measures 9.2 inches long and a fat 2 inches thick. He's very flexible making him very comfortable to use. 
Crazy Thick 11.5011.50" Cock
The overall measurement 11.50" long and 2.4" wide. Stick him to any smooth surface or strap him into your harness for intense partner play. He has a thick straight shaft and all the sculpted veins and texture of a real cock.
9 inch Big Gun & Silver Bullet9 inch Big Gun
You're gonna love this     super realistic vibrating thick veined suction cup dildo with a pigmented head. It also has a multi-speed dual power jack and powerful bullet vibe. He's got a lot to offer, there's multiple orgasms waiting on you. Grab your favorite lube and enjoy.

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